Wednesday, 2 March 2011

This is my bargain eBay find! It was £1 (£3 altogether with postage and packaging), what a bargain ay? It's a 1950's handbag made by Lightstone Hubbard who were a company based in London who produced quality handbags. The bag is in such good condition and I absolutely love it, the lady who previously owned it even had the original hand held mirror from when she bought it and had kept it in the inside pocket. The photos don't really do it justice I'm afraid!

Anyway less about bags and more about FOOD! I'm so hungry right now I should probably get something to eat.. It's pancake day soon isn't it? I'm quite excited for pancake day, though my pancakes aren't really that special so I should probably refrain from making them as I will end up setting fire to something. I don't know why but I adore pancakes and I only ever have them on pancake day! Maybe I should try and make them more often. I love lemon juice and sugar on mine? What do you have on yours?

Anyway best go do some work! Got a proposal due in this week at Uni about our dissertation questions and our initial research for it, fun!


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