Monday, 14 March 2011

Outfit O'Clock #4

Lace trim blouse - Warehouse (£55) | Necklaces - H&M and Forever 21 | Jeans - River Island 
& what outfit is complete without a pair of loafers - you can find them here for thirty squid!
So this week's high street buy of the week is this angelic little number from Warehouse. Admittedly I didn't buy it, my Mom did earlier this week as we went up to the Town Centre to take some trousers back and ended up make-up shopping in Boots. Theeeeeen we stopped off in Debenhams and KAZAM we happened to pick this up along the way. Lucky me!

It's a beautifully made blouse and the lace trim around the sleeves and hem is BLADDDDY GAWWWJUS.

Today I've got some bits and bobs to do regarding Uni work. I'm pretty gutted that I haven't got a car to get around in. The reason for this being that the little tin can on wheels went for a service and MOT on Friday and I haven't seen it since. I rang up Saturday and found out that the brakes had seized and they couldn't do anything until they had loosened up. What a pile of crap. I really need a new car! It's blatantly going to be a fail on the MOT - I noticed the other day that water was actually coming through my roof too. RIP CAR.

& a big HELLLOOOOOO to all my new followers. I seem to have doubled followers in the space of two days, wow! I'm very flattered that you're all following my blog. Thank you :) you've really made my week!

Anyways, best go and have some food because I am starving! 


P.S - I have just entered the ah-may-zing giveaway on Vicky (ahashakeheartbreaker)'s blog. I suggest you all do it cause not only is she great but you can opt to win one of THREE different things. Wowzer. I'm so excited. You can enter too by clicking HERE


  1. You've got such a laarvly blog here m'dear! Deserving of all those new followers :)
    Boo to the car, i hate not having mine here at uni! x

  2. Aww thanks :)
    I know, I think I need a new car though because a) my car is bright yellow and because I live in a small town most of the people know it's me driving it and b) it's always got something wrong with it.

  3. Hi Natasha, thanks you for the lovely comment on my blog! Been scrolling through yours and its really lovely. Love your style, I'm now a follower!± Would love you to follow me too Keep up the good work. Speak soon. xx

  4. ooh that shirt is absolutely gorgeous! i love all the detailed accents on it! x

  5. the loafers are sooo pretty, love the warehouse top too, you have such lovely hair!xxx

  6. i justtt love the lace on the end of that top :) just perfecctttt


  7. you are soooo pretty!
    I know how it feels to lose a car, I still feel like I've lost a limb! Hope yours passes the MOT!

  8. You're beautiful! Wow. And I love your top! And those shoes are so cute.

  9. you have such a beutiful face! and your skin is perfect:)


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