Friday, 4 March 2011

Outfit O'Clock #2

Dress - Warehouse | Cardigan - Asos | Necklaces - H&M | Shoes - River Island | Tights - New Look | Bag - Vintage
Spring is here and so I thought I'd go all out and wear my floral dress from Warehouse. It's so floaty and the colours in it are lovely and vibrant which is such a nice change to what I usually wear. I came back to my other home (Telford) today and my Mom took me shopping for some new clothes for Spring/Summer time which was really nice of her. Bought a few bits and bobs which you will probably see in outfit posts at some point. Another piece of exciting news is that my Dad and Gina (his wife/my step mom, although we don't like the phrase step mom cause it sounds like something from Cinderella) have ordered me a camera so I can get better quality photos uploaded onto here! It's an early birthday present and I'm so excited for it!! YIPPEEE.
In other news I got some absolutely gorgeous shoes from work today. These bad boys are £59.99 from River Island however with staff discount they were quite a bit less which was goooood. They make me about 5 inches taller and really elongate my legs. They're so comfy too which is a bonus!

I've got work tomorrow and Sunday which I'm not really looking forward to. I really want to start having some time to relax and see my family and friends but I never seem to have a second spare between Uni and River Island.

Might paint my nails tonight. I want to make them quite funky looking rather than just a solid colour so I might try out Gem Fatale's idea of scotch tape nail art! Knowing my luck I will go wrong, but fingers crossed ay?!



  1. i love that sweater, that rusty orange is such an awesome color!! and your shoes are cute too!

  2. these really look like very bad boys:)
    what outfit are you thinking of putting them on with?
    post a pic, they look gorgeous!


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