Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Space, the final frontier

I've always been mesmerised with the sky at night. Ever since I was tiny. I blame this space infatuation on my Dad as he studied Astro Physics at University in his youth, which meant there were always big books lying around the house filled with pictures of planets and stars. It was wonderful. A galactic paradise. He was also (and still is) a big fan of Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Star Wars etc., you know, the typical geek-techy programmes and films surrounding space. I used to sit with him as a child and watch these films with wide eyes, amazed that such places could exist beyond this world. Nowadays, whenever I go outside at night and the sky is clear, I will always stand and stare at the stars. I've got an obsession with looking for shooting stars in the sky, and when I do (even now) I jump with excitement. Sad huh?

I love it on a clear night when you can just make out the milky haze which surrounds what we know to be the milky way galaxy, it's beautiful. Whenever I go over to France, I lie in the road and just stare at the sky for what seems like ages. The countryside in France is always far away from anywhere contaminated by light pollution so you can really make the most of the stunning display of stars which clutter the sky. It's amazing. I think I'd love to be an Astronaut - I'd never tire of the breathtaking views that space can offer. It'd be the best job ever, even if you are putting your life in danger - it'd be well worth it.

I also find it fascinating how spaces goes on and on, forever and ever. And that when you see a star in the sky, it could have 'died' millions of years ago, but it takes so long for the light to travel to us that we wouldn't even know it didn't exist anymore. Astounding. I've got so many questions surrounding what is beyond this planet and what's out there in the Universe. But I suppose they will never be answered - not in my lifetime anyway.

So this is kind of a tribute to my love of the night sky - and it just so happens that space prints are on the fashion scene right now so it seemed like the right thing to write about.


  1. Totally with you on everything you've said here. I'm obsessed with stars and planets and all sorts of geeky space trivia, there's nothing better than lying in a grass field in the middle of the French countryside looking up at the stars, and I totally recall the days of sitting watching Red Dwarf with my Dad! One of my dream jobs really would be at NASA. Space is just so fascinating and so beautiful. This is such a gorgeous post. I love anything with nebula print! x

  2. It really is gorgeous isn't it? I kind of don't like thinking about space too much though, it's infinity really freaks me out - i just can't get my head around that. Although you're right, there's nothing better than looking up at the stars x

  3. You really can't beat a bit of Star Wars. I'm also quite partial to a bit of lying in the middle of the road at stupid o'clock looking at the night sky x


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