Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Outfit O'Clock #1

Spring is on the horizon but I'm not swapping my jumpers and shirts for tshirts and shorts just yet. This is what I wore to Uni last week, however because someone lost the camera cable (mentioning no names, Mom), I have had to wait til this week to post it as she has only just bought a card reader for it today.

Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger | Jeans - River Island | Shoes - River Island | Bag - Cow Vintage | Jumper - Zara | Headband - New Look

Please ignore my mongy face, I'm not really sure what I was doing that day and my face appears to be really orange (which it isn't usually!) Anyway, it's a pretty boring outfit choice but it was ideal for the weather as I wanted to wear light coloured clothing but the temperature outside was quite cold. The bag is new but old at the same time. I bought it on the same day that I wore it last week from Cow Vintage for £8 along with some denim shorts (pictured below.) The shorts were £18 which isn't too bad considering they're Levis and vintage. If you are ever in Birmingham I definitely recommend taking a trip to Cow Vintage which is situated next door to Urban Outfitters on the high street. There is also a bigger Cow Vintage in Digbeth so if you really fancy doing some vintage rummaging then go there!

You can follow the Cow Vintage blog here.
Hope you've all been well. I've had so much Uni work to do which is a major factor of why I haven't been posting as much recently, so sorry about that! Hopefully will be back on form soon. 


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