Monday, 2 May 2011

The day I found love .. for Matalan
Is it me or are there some bargaintastic things to be found on the High Street these days. Now I'm no fashion snob but I never ever venture into places like Matalan as I know that I will never find anything I like and it would be pointless to waste my time in there - I've assumed for years that Matalan is for grannies. Boy was I wrong. I've just been looking on Matalan's online store after Mom showed me a few things she got from there for her impending holiday and I've found some RIGHT bargains.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not all great stuff on there. There's still the granny looking clothes and also there are some clothes which look extremely cheap, HOWEVER there are a few good purchases to be had. I'm popping up to my local Matalan tomorrow with Mom to have a look for a few basics. Might keep an eye out for some of those wedges, coz at £18 you can't really go wrong. Teamed with some ankle socks and a nice skirt they'd look the bees knees - you'd look so on trend. Geddit?

Three blog posts in one day! You are a lucky bunch.
I'm now off to go and read about masculinity within the media. Fun right? :| 
But first... A cup of tea! Enjoy xxx


  1. Oooh i love this! I'm usually a matalan-doubter too, but you're right about them having some right bargains lately - and so pretty too! Love the layout of this post, if you don't mind me asking, where do you make these collages?! x

  2. Im really loving some of the clothes from Matalan this summer, really like the striped top. x

  3. I found out abput malatan when one of their bags was featured in the take 10 blogger challenge, I fell in love with their prices but the items are a little more on a down side :) Primark still beats them I guess :) x

  4. Liking the striped vest.


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