Friday, 27 May 2011

Outfit O'Clock #12

MTV Top - River Island | Shorts - Zara (£19.99) | Sunglasses - Zara (£5.99)

This is my new MTV top from work (which you can get here). It's £19.99. I like the 80s feel of it and combined with the light denim shorts (a bargain from Zara at £19.99) I think it will be a nice outfit to wear when I go to Summerbreak.

Been thinking about having a de-clutter. My life seems very cluttered at the moment and it seems like I need a fresh start and to have a bit of a clear out. I'm also considering changing my room around to make it a bit more fun and a nice place to chill out. I've got the whole of summer to do all that though and then it will be ready for September when I have to commute to Uni every day! YAWN.

Today we had to hand in our module choices for our third year. Scary stuff. I'm going to be doing mainly visual design and web design stuff with some creative theory thrown in and obviously my dissertation and our big media project that we have to make. Quite excited for it all actually, though I'm hoping for a nice, long, sloooooooow Summer. I don't want it to rush past.

Sorry about the lack of posts. The next two weeks is going to be a bit mad because I have two essays in for Friday and an exam the following week which I need to start revising for. Mayhem. Then it's off to Summerbreak and then regular blogging will resume. 

Anyway going to now go make a start to essay number 1! Speak soon x


  1. I really like the shirt, looks great! In a ideal world holiday would take up most of the year, but alas, it doesn't.

  2. gorgeous tee, love your eyeliner, really striking!xx

  3. Love the t shirt, andddd how good does your eyemakeup look?
    Web designs sounds a good pick, good luck for third year!


  4. I'm another one to vouch for the eyeliner application! It looks amazing- what is it you use and I know its not really your thing but I'd love to see a tutorial on it. xxx

  5. you're so pretty! and I adore this outfit, very casual but gorg!

    your newest follower,
    beth x

  6. love the top!
    good luck in your exams <3


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