Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Outfit O'Clock #14 - Lacey Baby

Lace top - Topshop £20 | Belt - River Island | Watch - Urban Outfitters - £10 | Handbag - Vintage £8 | Rings - Forever 21 | Jeans - Warehouse £15 | Vest top - Primark £2 | Necklaces - Gifts 
Today has been a long one. I started work at 7.15 this morning and was meant to work til 6pm but was allowed to go home at 4 (thankfully). I now feel ready to drop and I'm considering a bath followed by bed! This is what I wore yesterday to go to Shrewsbury for a drink. It's pretty simple but I like the lace and jeans combo. I'm a bit of a sucker for tan accessories too, I can't live without my tan belt and bag. I also wore my tan loafers (see below.)

Loafers - River Island

Hope you're all fine and dandy xxx


  1. This top is gorgeous and you have styled it so well x

  2. Gotta love the lace! And your make-up looks lovely. x

  3. Love the lace :) so pretty

  4. You look beautiful and I love the lace top. Those shoes are great as well!

  5. oooh pretty photos!
    beautiful dress

  6. love your lace top!!!so classy!!!
    love your have a great sense of style!! so folloing you...


  7. when did you buy the lace top?xx

  8. hey i bought it just after xmas. it was in the sale though so i doubt they will have it any more xx


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