Thursday, 29 September 2011

Outfit O'Clock #17 - Turquoise

Turquoise top - Primark £6 | Bag - River Island | Necklace - Gift (Topshop) | Jeans - River Island £20 in sale | Gold ring - Primark £2.50 | Nude ring - Forever 21 | Watch - Urban Outfitters £10 in sale

Well this beautiful weather that we have been having has made me favour brighter colours when throwing on my clothes this week. These style of t shirts from Primark are really airy and loose fitting so they are perfect for the tropical days that we have been having. They also do them in other colours! I've got another one in purple. The jeans were a bad idea for the weather as they are extremely skinny in fit and the dark colour just absorbs any form of sunshine. Oh well!

Yesterday was a bit of a naff day as nothing seemed to go right. I found out the scale of work which I have to complete at uni this semester and nearly died. Trust me when I say this... there's a lot! After a bit of a chat with my good old mother we decided that I haven't got enough time in the week to fit all of my work in for uni so I had to hand in my notice at work :( sad times. I've worked there for four years so it's a big shock to finally have to stop working there but I feel that I need to really focus on getting a good solid degree so this is my main priority right now.

Anyway on that note I need to go and do lots of reading!
How have you all been spending your heatwave filled days this week?


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  1. I love your top!

    I never personally find anything I like in Primark but I always see people wearing nice things from there!


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