Thursday, 13 October 2011

Coz you gotta care about the hair

Ok so Jazz previously asked me about the types of hair care that I use. To be honest with you all I don't have a strict hair care routine which I follow regularly. I don't do intensive conditioning once a week (which I probably should) and I almost always forget to brush out hair spray before I go to bed.

However here is my hair care regime, and I hope you find it helpful :)

The shampoo I use is the standard Tresemme stuff for volume. It's not very expensive and lasts ageeeeeeees. Volume wise it's not that great but it makes my hair look healthy so I can't complain. My conditioner is by Toni and Guy and comes in a blue bottle. It's pretty good for making your hair feel smooth and I find it makes my hair easier to straighten.

When I've washed my hair I usually just run a wide toothed comb through it and then apply a tiny amount of Moroccan oil through the ends. The stuff is expensive to buy but well worth it and I'm going to be relying on it an awful lot this winter as my hair always gets so dry when the cold weather sets in. Moroccan oil is probably the main reason why my hair looks shiny in the pictures. I paid about £28 for it but you can get it on Amazon for £22 so I'd suggest not buying it from a hair salon as they usual make you pay through the nose for it.

And that's pretty much it!
Have a good day folks :)



  1. Thank you so much for posting this!

    I actually did use the Toni&Guy shampoo and conditioner about two years ago when I received it as a gift, and that actually made my hair really healthy, so maybe I will go back to it!

    And I will add the oil to my Xmas list :))

    Thanks again for posting!

  2. so tempted to get the Moroccan oil, i keep hearing sooo many good things!


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