Thursday, 20 October 2011

Outfit O'Clock #24 - High Contrast

Shirt - River Island (Sale £12) | Cardigan - H&M (Last year) | Jeans - River Island | Marc B Bag - T K Maxx (£25)
Today has been pretty dull. Went into uni for a theory lecture which I couldn't completely grasp the idea around. Then drove home. Now I'm contemplating making a cuppa before cracking on with more uni work. Oh the joyssssssssss!

Thankfully Coco is out mooching around the neighbourhood so won't be trying to distract me by sitting on my keyboard today. 

I really like the detail on the shirt I wore today. The black buttons and black neck tie against the white material provides a massive contrast. I looked quite smart considering I was only going to uni but hey I fancied making an effort. May as well!

The weekend is officially here for me as I'm not in Uni today so I'm off for a facial this evening. SCARY TIMES. I've never been for a facial so I'll let you know how that goes :P

Hope you're all well :D



  1. I reeeeally like this - a lot!! The monochrome looks great, esp with the top knot. Androgyny at its best! x

  2. oh the blouse is beautiful!

  3. Loveee the jacket. Facials are lovely, really relaxing so hope you enjoyed it x

  4. You look amazing - very masculine chic!

  5. Thanks ladies :) I don't usually do androgyny as i never thought i'd be able to pull it off but i guess the cardigan/jacket thing tones the masculinity down a bit.

    Torie the facial was amazing! Loved it! Fell asleep at one point haha


  6. absolutely love your look! And your blog. Following now because all your posts are so interesting x

  7. You look absolutely stunning! Love it! :) x


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