Friday, 28 October 2011

Outfit O'Clock #27 - Leather & Leopards

Leather Leggings - Miss Selfridge | Cardigan - M&S | Shirt - River Island | Boots - Primarni

TODAY I HAVE IRONED. & ironed & ironed & ironed...
It has been quite soul destroying but later I get to go see my papa and Gina so that's exciting. Need to go to town to get some last minute costume shizzle for Halloween but I've lent my car to Gina so can't actually get to town unless I rely on public transport which just ain't happenin'! Buses are crap. Me thinks I will just sit here and hope my mom comes home before 5pm so she can give me a lift up there.
Fingers crossed!

What's everybody's Halloween plans??


  1. Absolutely absolutely love this post! The leather, and leopard and your hair, ah! I'm still clueless as to what to go as to Halloween, I'm so uncreative!
    Shope Xxx

  2. I love the leopard against the blouse. looks so cute, but with a twist. Your hair looks gorgeous like this too! x

  3. Swit-swoo! Love the outfit! :) x

  4. This is so cute, leopard and leather go perfect together. So chic and I love the tie-bow also :)

  5. Such an adorable outfit!! the leopard print is lovely against the blouse!:)xx


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