Sunday, 16 October 2011

Outfit O'Clock #21 - Merry Hill

Cardigan - River Island (Sale) | Top - River Island | Jeans - Warehouse | Bag - Vintage | Ring - Primark 
Today Lisa and I went shopping to Merry Hill. We usually go to Birmingham or Shrewsbury but fancied a change. I ended up spending quite a bit of moneyz on face stuff andddd shoes - will post more pics of my purchases when I get chance this week! The cardigan I wore today is from the latest River Island sale. You can get it here for £12.

Had a hilarious moment on the way back from Merry Hill where Lisa decided to open her lucozade whilst we were stopping at traffic lights. The drink fizzed out all over her jeans and her Alexander McQueen scarf. OOPS! I was in stitches and her trousers were that soaked that she ended up taking them off and driving home in her knickers. It was quite surreal and I found it VERY amusing!

Got myself some Vans pumps today too. I'm not a Vans kinda girl usually but I need some pumps for uni and they were so comfy. Plus I had a gift card for Office which needed spending. So yeh I decided to treat myself to some of those. Got some wedge boots from Primarni for £20 too. They are so comfy and such a bargain.

I've been struggling with my skin this week and have come out in LOADS of spots and rashes. It's been pretty depressing as my skin is usually really clear. So in order to battle the zits I splashed out on some Clinique face wash and moisturising gel today. Also got some foundation from Clarins which I will review at a later date.

Anyway, hope you've all had a good weekend!


  1. Love your top! I'm having trouble with my skin too don't know what to do :/

  2. Your skins looks perfect as usual so don't worry about it! Love your cardigan - the colour is great on you :)
    Haha your poor friend having to drive home in her knickers! Hope her scarf is okay! :) x


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