Thursday, 3 November 2011

an insight into my life

So, I figured I'm a bit of a detached blogger in the sense that I don't really write a lot about me and my life. It's not intentional I just like to feed you outfit posts and fashion inspiration as that's what you guys seem to like reading about, and I don't really think to tell you about what's going on with me as a person.
Well I decided that to liven things up a bit and let you people into my strange little world I'd tell you about what's going on with me! How riveting. In all honesty my life isn't that interesting, but here goes...

I'm studying Media at University and I'm currently in my third year so it's full steam ahead in terms of academic work this year. I live in Telford with my Mum and step dad (Tom), they're both pretty groovy people. I visit my Dad and step mom (Gina) when I can and when they're not working - they only live down the road. I'm pretty lucky (and greedy) really that I have four lovely parents. My parents divorced when I was about 4/5 so I can't remember them ever being together. I like the fact that they are divorced because they're both really happy in their relationships now, I love my step parents to bits and regard them as blood relatives and the most important thing is seeing all of them happy. That's what makes me happy.

I have an amazing boyfriend, Jack, he's living in Manchester as he is studying Architecture at University up there - I know, what a brain box! He's lovely and we have a pretty good arrangement going on whereby we work hard during the week and then see each other at weekends. It's good because we appreciate each other more, but it is difficult sometimes and I often find myself missing him a lot during the week.

I have some beautiful friends who I'm not going to list on here but we have some hilarious times. You'll often see me post pictures on here about nights out with them. My friends, both in Telford and at Uni, keep me sane and I love them all.

Other useless facts about me:

I don't really have any hobbies, unless you can class excessive tea drinking and blogging as hobbies?
I'm a massive fan of biscuits and pretty much live of them - particularly chocolate coated, malted milk ones NOM.
I'm a 5ft wonder, waist height delight, borrower, small person, Thumbelina, Polly Pocket.
I hate wasps - they're like mini Hitlers.
I rely on my diary way too much because I like to be organised in an OCD kind of way but don't have the mental capacity to remember all the stuff I need to do.
I've only recently discovered the magical wonders of the Mighty Boosh and I'm disappointed that nobody shared such wonders with me earlier in my life - I wish I had Noel Fielding's hair, it looks so healthy.
I like designing things and want a career which incorporates designing stuff with writing stuff.
I do webby stuff at Uni too but I find it difficult - really need to learn how to write code for sites because then I can be a 5ft geekatron.
I'm sometimes often described as strange.

So there you have it. A loaaaaaaad of writing about me. And if you actually read through all that then you deserve a medal and you probably need a life. Onlllly jokin'

K. Love u. Bye! x

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