Friday, 4 November 2011

Outfit O'Clock #29 - Leather look

Leggings - Miss Selfridge | Shirt - River Island | Jumper - H&M | Gilet - XOXO | Bag - Marc B | Boots - Primark
Just a quick outfit post as I've got a train to catch to Manchester!! Going to visit Jack for the weekend so you probably won't hear much from me this weekend. Went to get my nails done today at the Nail and Beauty Salon in Admaston (near Wellington) and Sam the beautician there sponsored me £5 for Movember. That means I have now raised a grand total of £35 and I still have 24 days left. My calves are starting to ache from relentless heel wearing however my actual feet feel fine! May treat myself to a nice pedicure when it's all over though. I just keep thinking to myself it's for a good cause and that's keeping me going :)

Hope you all have a fab weekend and I will resume blogging on Monday <3 xxx

Edit - I've actually raised £45 as another friend Stuart has sponsored me £10 too. Go me!


  1. It is very rare that I see an outfit post I love, most of them are either too try hard or too out there. . .I am in love with this outfit, thanks for sharing xx

  2. I LOVE this outfit, those leggings look amazing- goes to hunt them out!x

  3. really love this outfit!:)

  4. just discovered your blog and i looove it:) i'm a new follower! hope you like my blog too:)


  5. love this look on you, the layers are great in all black and white! great to discover your blog.



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