Monday, 7 November 2011


Hello ladies and gents. I got back from Manchester last night after having the best weekend everrrrr with Jack. We did lots of shopping and eating! And more shopping. Obviously because of my Movember challenge I've been trekking around Manchester in heels all weekend which has resulted in achey calves this morning but it was worth it! I've now managed to raise £87 for charity which is amazing :)

Us pair of clowns in Costa coffee

Having a Costa in the Arndale centre. Pleased that all the Christmas drinks are on sale now. Had myself a mint hot chocolate which was the best!

Gazza the phone case

Bought myself a new, knitted, owl phone case from Urban Outfitters. It was only a fiver and I lost my other case on the train on the way to Manc so thought I'd rescue him and give him a home. I've called him Gazza.

New Look

Wore these beauties to the Trafford centre yesterday and ended up crippled. They're nice shoes and pretty comfy for a couple of hours but after that they start to hurt the soles of your feet. Especially if you haven't got socks on!

Train feast

I ate a lot this weekend. Saturday night Jack took me to Pizza Express and I had some chicken and mushroom pasta dish followed by drinks at a bar in the Northern Quarter of Manc. Then yesterday we had a bit of lunch in the Trafford centre but fancied a taste of the far east so opted for Tampopo. I had a chicken noodle dish with lots of different flavours including ginger, chillies and garlic. I'm allergic to garlic though which has resulted in me feeling pretty sick today. Hopefully I won't be sick during my lecture this afternoon! Jack had a Katsui curry which looked pretty tasty and I reckon he thoroughly enjoyed it judging by what was left on his plate.

I also managed to get my mom a birthday card and present as it's her birthday this Saturday but she's off on holiday tomorrow to Portugal. Looking forward to spending the week with my lovely friend Lisa who is coming to live with me while they're away. There's gonna be lots of girly nights in and apparently she's going to make me watch Paranormal Activity 3 - think again Lisa it isn't happening!

It's my friend Marc's birthday tomorrow and because he's a chef he's decided he's going to come round and cook dinner for Lisa and I which should be lovely! Though I'm pretty sure out of principle we should be cooking for him seen as it's his birthday! Never mind. It should be a lovely evening :)

Has anyone done anything exciting this weekend??? Or got any interesting plans for this week?


  1. Looks like you had a great time :) Very exciting that xmas drinks are back too! Haha. Congrats on the fundraising as well, it's such an original idea :)

  2. I applaud you for your heel challenge. So brave! I couldn't do it. And if a trained chef wanted to make me dinner I wouldn't complain! Hope its a nice meal!

  3. Awww that owl cell phone holder is so cute!


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