Tuesday, 1 November 2011


So the month of prostate cancer awareness is here and this year I've decided to join in and do my bit to raise awareness. A few weeks back I found out that my Grandad has prostate cancer and I know and pray he will be fine because he's a great guy, HOWEVER it's important to raise awareness of these things and for us women to help our men out by ensuring they get themselves checked out.

Unfortunately I can't grow a moustache HOWEVER I will be growing a tash! Cue 'operation grow-a-tash'
'HOW THE...!?' I hear you people say. Well, because my name is in fact Tash and I am only 5ft tall I figured I will grow a Tash by wearing heels every single day for the whole of November. Many foot massages will be needed this month however it is completely worth it. I will be raising money for an extremely good cause alongside many other moustache bearing men (and some women.)

I'd appreciate any donations - even £1 would be great! And rest assured I will be posting pics of me in my heels every day of this month on here :)


Today I'm just at home doing uni work. I'm sitting here in my loungewear and a pair of heels which is a pretty funny sight to behold! Thought I'd start off the month with smaller heels seen as I've got a long way to go. 

The shoes are from Primark and were about £8. Due to the heel being quite low they are perfect for work experience and placements for if you aren't 100% confident about walking around the office in sky scraper shoes. They're also pretty comfy. I'll probably end up living in them this month, but don't worry some days I will get my glam on the go and wear stilettos. Gotta keep you guys on your toes after all. Excuse the pun. Haha!

Please get donating peoples :)
Lotsa love xxx


  1. hahah, 'grow a tash' that's genius! i'll try my best to donate xo

  2. haha thanks :) i was quite proud of the moment in which operation 'grow a tash' was born :D x


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