Thursday, 10 November 2011

Outfit O'Clock #31 - Mustard Scarf

Cardigan - M&S | Scarf - H&M | Lace top - Topshop | Vest top - River Island | Jeans - River Island | Shoes - New Look
Today has consisted of Uni and introducing my theory class to the wonders of Rastamouse and how he is a post modern concept. Needless to say, it was interesting! Later I'm off to the gym with Lady Lisa - this again should be interesting! Nothing particularly exciting has happened to me today except when I nearly fell over a wet, slippery leaf in my heels. Heels are dangerous in inclement weather!!

I've now raised a grand total of £92 for Movember and we still have 20 days left. Exciting times! 

Gonna go be academic now and read about academic stuffs.
Loves xxx


  1. you are just so pretty <3 u're the prettiest girl i've ever seen!!! it would made my day if u follow my blog back... aww u are so lucky!!! u are really prettyyyy and i love your style so much!! i'm so glad i found your blog :)

  2. Love your mustard scarf it's a beaut!
    And I think it's amazing how your wearing heels for movember! I am just getitng used to wearing them every day for work and my feet kill (i sit down too!) So i really praise you for managing to wear them!
    ps. as a gay thing.. the comment above (Winda) she's been writing on EVERYONE's blog's spam comments, just to let you know :)

  3. shoes are stunningggg & I adore the scarf xx

  4. love the colour! and cute shoes!

    JK ||

  5. You are so pretty, I love the leopard cardigan too!

  6. Katy - thanks for the heads up, I did kinda of have an idea that it was spammy times.
    Thanks for your comments ladies and gents :) hope you're all ok! xx


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