Thursday, 17 November 2011

Outfit O'Clock #34

Fur Stole - H&M | Shirt - H&M | Leggings & Bag & Cardi & Boots & Belt - River Island | Bangles - New Look & Primark
Before I start - apologies for the lack of photos!!
Todaaaaaaaaaay I went into Uni for a theory lecture followed by a discussion with my tutor about dissertation tings. It seemed to go OK so I'm confident(ish) that I'm on the right track! Later I'm off to the gym for the first time in like two weeks :O I know tut tut.

Looks like I'm off up to Manchester again tomorrow for ze weekend. I IZ EXCITED YAR. Gonna hopefully get some uni work done while I'm up there!

How have you all been??! Did anybody get any Versace purchases today from H&M? I really wanted to go, but the education comes first and plus I don't have any money for such extravagances :(



  1. gorgeous outfit, i love your skirt & the colour of the cardigan especially!


  2. You're so pretty, love the faux fur stole. x


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