Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Outfit O'Clock #35 - My 'academic' look

Jeans (which you can't see) River Island | Shirt - Topshop | Jumper - Mango | Neck Tie - River Island | Gilet - XOXO | Boots (which you can't see) Primark
Today's outfit was pretttttty dull and boring looking, but I like dull and boring so it's all good. I went to uni, did some uni shiz, met my group for production project times and had some lolz then came home. FUN. Now I've got an overly talkative, not to mention obese, cat miaowing at me cause he's greedy and wants feeding. If he doesn't behave himself he won't be getting a cat teepee for Christmas! (see previous post)

Have you guys had a good day??
I think I've over indulged on Costa mint hot chocolates at Uni today but hey! Gotta get myself feeling all Christmassy cause it's December next week and I haven't even considered xmas presents and the whole xmas shopping rigmarole* yet. The idea of xmas shopping and the stress of queueing up and people barging past at the shopping centre makes me feel like this...

Anywho gonna go feed this cat before he tries to eat me, which he inevitably will coz he's fat.

Noun: 1. A lengthy and complicated procedure.

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