Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Party Season - Part One

Find them here:
River Island dress - £35 
Topshop polka dot dress - £80
Topshop embellished playsuit - £200
Topshop feather clutch - £28
Miss Selfridge velvet backless dress - £45

Just a nice little graphic I put together in photoshop earlier. Makes things a bit more interesting for you guys! I'm currently on the hunt for a Christmas party dress. Obvs I don't work for RI anymore but I've still been invited to attend the Christmas party. YAY. I do love a good party. So yes I've been browsing the webs for some nice christmas party dresses and there have been quite a few which have caught my eye! Miss Selfridge have a particularly good range of party dresses which seem fairly priced and with student discount it makes them look even more appealing! Topshop have come up trumps as per with their wide selection of dresses, however some of them are quite expensive and I definitely wouldn't be able to afford them. Though I guess I can just look at them and dribble with appreciation..

Please read my last post if you haven't already and share the Movember love.



  1. ah wow some gorgeous dresses there that would look amazing on you! Every year I'm like I'm going to buy a sequin dress but I never do or have an occasion to wear it too (sad face) x

  2. aww you should definitely find an occasion to wear one this year then!! :) x


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