Friday, 2 December 2011

Outfit O'Clock #38 - Fair isle Knitwear

Boots - River Island | Leggings - River Island | Cardi - Zara | Denim Shirt - River Island | T shirt - River Island | Belt - Miss Selfridge
Ok so I have quite a lot of River Island stuff that I'm wearing today! I had to nip into Uni this morning to hand in an assignment as it's deadline day, so I decided to wrap up warm and layer it up big time. The cardigan is about 3 years old now and it is in fact the same cardigan that Hermione wore in the second to last Harry Potter film (useless information I know but thought I'd share!)

I'm off out tonight with the girls which should be really good :) only going to a local nightclub and nightclubs in Telford are pretty dire to say the least but it should be a laugh. Joey Essex is there too and my friend is a die hard The Only Way Is Essex fan so it should be interesting!

I've posted a look on yesterday - the site is an online clothing store however they are doing some kind of weekly competition where you upload a look, get voted on it and if you win you get some form of prize (basically like Lookbook but with an incentive to win). But yeh if you want to have a butchers on there at the looks and if you're feeling really generous then feel free to vote for me :P I could do with winning something for once in my life haha (I'm always the runner up or the loser and I frequently got told as a child 'it's not the winning that matters, it's the taking part that counts' ... yeah RIGHT) <-- You can vote by clicking ze link and picking your fav look.

Style piques also sell the Brat & Suzie collection which I love. I first saw the collection on Dragon's Den when they were pitching their clothing label to the Dragons and have been in love with their cute animal print clothing since. Cue nice homemade montage of prints by Brat & Suzie...

Anywho gonna go have a nap before I start getting ready for tonight. Gotta get some tan on the go cause my friends make me look like a ghost when I stand next to them - they love fake tan more than Christmas!

Toodles xxx

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  1. who would of thought your cardi was 3 years old, looks lovely! :)


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