Monday, 5 December 2011

Outfit O'Clock #40 - Florals in Winter

Scarf - H&M | Dress - Lipsy | Belt - River Island | Cardigan - River Island | Bag - Vintage | Ring - Primark
To say today has been stressful would be an understatement. This is gonna be a super short post purely because of all the stuff I have to sort for Uni. I seem to have so much going on at the moment that I haven't got 5 minutes to think and I need to somehow manage to collect my thoughts together and stop panicking in order to be motivated to sort my work out. AH!

So yeh I wore this today to Uni. Felt like all this darkness and grey weather needed to do one, so I protested against it by wearing bright, vibrant colours and summery florals - the dress was a birthday present from my friend Stace, she buys the best pressies haha.

Gonna have to go now and do research for my massive essay and learn html coding and make posters and write evaluations and research marketing strategies and all sorts. Fun. This time next week all this stress will be out of the way and I'll be able to think properly (hopefully).

You probably won't hear from me much this week due to these large workloads xxx

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  1. you look amazing! it's nice to see florals again!:) xx


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