Monday, 12 December 2011

Outfit O'Clock #42 - Simply does it

Top - Urban Outfitters (£10) | Necklace - Forever 21(£3.50)  | Jeans - Warehouse (£15)

This outfit is probably the simplest outfit ever. And to be honest, I didn't really feel the need to dress up today as I've just been spending the day with my Grandparents at their house. I really like the detail in the top so it doesn't really need much accessorising. Obviously a jacket will be needed later on if I go out anywhere but for now this will do.

It's also probably the cheapest outfit I've ever posted - totalling up to £28.50.

Ever since I've had my hair cut I haven't really needed to straighten it which is great because I was worrying about frazzling my hair. I haven't straightened it today after I washed it and you can't really tell the difference. WOOP.

How have you guys been? Did you have a nice weekend?
Might be going to the cinema later so let me know if you've seen any good films lately cause I don't know what to watch!


  1. As if your hair is naturally that lovely....I may be a tiiiny bit jealous! x

  2. Love the print on that top, it's so cute! Your hair looks gorgeous too!

    Gillian x

  3. That top is so nice! Love the subtle little pattern on it :) and the necklace is so cute.

    Loving your fringe, definitely suits you so much!

    Chloeeee x

  4. i have that top in a different colour! love it:)


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