Sunday, 29 January 2012

Outfit O'Clock #50 - Vintage edition

Lace top - Primark £10 (New)
Belt - Karen Millen (£4 from Vintage shop 'Deep' in York)
Skirt - Matalan £5 (Last Summer)
Leggings - Primark £3
So this is outfit post number 50! BIG FIVE ZERO GUYS. I decided to go all vintagey on yo asses and here it is... You like? The top is from Primark and is so pretty - such a bargain for £10. I also got the black and white version. The skirt is a bit big for me, it's actually the first time I have ever worn it as I didn't know how to make it fit me properly. Turns out all I had to do was roll the waistband under and then stick a belt round my waist. Simples! Got another skirt from Romwe before Christmas which I haven't worn yet as it was also too big. I visited my Grandparents Friday and got my Grandma to take it in for me so now it fits. Hoorah!

I'm currently in Manchester, staying with the boyf and doing some Uni work. Fun times! We went out to a local bar in the Northern Quarter last night. It's a really nice place and was really busy - but dead expensive. Think it's called Bluu bar or something. Has anyone else ever been there? Got back in at 3 and slept in this morning so trying to make up for lost time now by bombing out more research for my dissertation.

Coming back home tomorrow in preparation for my Wednesday lecture at Uni. Now things are coming to a close we are only in once a week which gives us more time to focus on dissertation things and final project preparation. For our final project we are creating an online, health magazine for students and in a couple of weeks we will be releasing a survey to conduct some market research regarding what students would like to read about. So if anyone would be up for doing the survey then that would be great - will post a link as soon as we have sorted it.

Hope you guys are all ok!


  1. Lovely outfit :) The lace top is lovely xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Steph :) I can't get enough of Primark just lately, there's too many lovely clothes on offer! xx

  2. Great outfit love the collar, very classic! I'm following I hope you will follow back

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