Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Outfit O'Clock #51

Shirt - Primark (New)
Bag - Primark £3 (Current sale)
Belt - Primark £2 (Old)
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Ring - Primark
Don't know what's going on with my gammy eye in the last picture haha ^^ oh well!!
o.O <-- me
This is my LOUD BRIGHT OUT THERE outfit. Again another Primark debut. I was the life and soul of the party - which happened to not be a party, it was just me standing in my kitchen wearing bright and shiny clothes. Gotta love a bit of shocking orange, vivid mustard, electric blue and then SHINY SHINY DISCO PANTS (or leggings). The picture that I took using my computer hasn't shown the colour of the shirt very well as it is more orange than pink. But hey! You guys get the idea from ze other photos.

Today I have had a bit of a slow start. Currently sitting in my dressing gown, eating revels and wondering what to read first for my dissertationnnnnn. My life is incredibly fun, don't be jealous now..
At 1pm today I have... (and again please don't be jealous).. a McDonald's date with two very close friends - in fact they're practically my brother and sister. Yes, that's right, we are off to a very fashionable event called McDonald's Drive Thru, Telford. Exquisite!

How have you guys beeen? I want to actually come to some bloggy event/meet up things this year so if you hear of anything then lemmmeeeee know. For now I will leave you in peace.

Bare loves and ting xxx


  1. The outfit is lovely :) And not too bright at all :) You just look ready for Spring :)

    Are you going to TOWIB?

  2. Your photos are just so so stunning!
    The shirt is lovely, such a pretty colour xx

  3. You look so pretty in these photos! I love this outfit, especially that shirt, it looks gorgeous, such a lovely colour!


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