Friday, 17 February 2012

Brat & Suzie New Collection

Love the bunny print shirt <3
Tie front tees in pastel colours <3
Don't like pastels? They've got brights nailed too <3
For evenings you can glam up their cute tees with a metallic skirt. Day & Evening wear = sorted!

You may (or may not for that matter) have been following my blog when I last posted about Brat & Suzie back in December. If you do remember seeing something, you will also have a recollection of how in love I was with their animal print tees and the general loveliness of their clothes. In recent times, the press team from Brat & Suzie have been in contact regarding their new Spring Summer 2012 collection which will be hitting their online store in a couple of weeks and have sent me some pics to share with you guys. So whaddya think? I'm absolutely loving the red, tie-up blouse. If you look closely you can see it's actually covered in bunnies! EEK :)

On another note. HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS! I seem to have acquired 25 of you today after Leanne featured me in her 'Friday's Few to Follow' blog post. I'm really quite flattered that she signaled my blog out as being worthy of you guys to follow and I'm flattered that you're all reading my blog, so yeh *blushes* thanks :) <-- anyway enough of the Oscar award winning speech!

Today I seem to have gotten quite a lot of work done on my dissertation.. hitting the 6,500 words mark now which is good. Now I'm going to go and treat myself to a nice Friday Takeaway and later maybe watch a film as a little treat. Tomorrow there will be an outfit post featuring a cardigan I won on Jessamyn's blog giveaway so keep your eyes peeled ;)

Loves xxx


  1. i'm loving the tops in the first photo, perfect for summer!

  2. The bunny blouse is adorable - how have I not heard of this brand before? x

  3. They're all so cute! I love the panda top. Good luck with your dissertation, sounds like it's going well :) xx


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