Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

The last four photos have been taken from Lion Quays' website as I'm a loser and forgot to take photos!

So these pictures pretty much sum up my surprise Valentines adventure with Jack. He took me away to a hotel called Lion Quays near Oswestry for a spa day on Sunday (see images above), followed by a beautiful meal Sunday night and a night in watching movies on the hotel's GIANT TV accompanied by a nice glass or two of Blanquette de Limoux. Then yesterday we took a trip into Wrexham and had a mooch around, ate a humungous lunch and then came back home and watched another film. 
Relaxing spa and film watching weekend = Jack is definitely winning at being a boyfriend.

I asked my very talented friend to bake some cupcakes for me to take away on our trip and they are pictured above. Unfortunately I ate half of them before taking any pics (dumbass) but I did manage to take pics of the few that I have left. May I add, they are absolutely delicious! In addition to a beautiful bunch of flowers, a spa weekend and a lovely card I was also given a pack of Beef Flavour Instant Noodles - bizarre but hey! That's Jack :) 

Now I have to come back to reality and crack on with dissertation research. Booooooo.

Has anyone done (or is doing) anything exciting for Valentines? 

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