Thursday, 2 February 2012

Outfit O'Clock #53 - More dots [dot] com

Lace top - Primark £10
Skirt - Matalan
Belt - Karen Millen
Cardigan - River Island £17 (Sale)
Bag - Primark

Another pre Chrimbo purchase. My Cruella De Ville inspired cardigan. Actually it was just cause AW11 were bumming off Dalmation prints in all varieties so I joined in. Brutal honesty right there.
The cardigan does kind of remind me of Grandmas and the whole Shreddies ad campaign 'knitted by nanas' but I likes it. In fact, I likes it a lot.

Granny chic ftw.

Today is Thursday (just in case you didn't know) and I am planning on doing mooooore Uni work. And probably will go the gym later because I'm becoming a slobby mess. I've been eating loads of rubbish lately: chinese takeaways, Cadbury's animal biscuits, Revels, indian takeaways, pizza, more chocolate.. very naughty indeed! So definitely in need of some serious exercise!

Have any of you lovely peoples got any good plans going on for tonight? Pubbing it? Clubbing it? Filming it?

I'm off out with my dear buddy Lisa this weekend so desperately in need of something to wear. Might just introduce the Wolverhampton clubbing scene to a granny chic special. We shall see.

Anyway must be off. Got some more work to do! In a bizzle, fo shizzle.


  1. Lovely outfit. I love the dalmatian collar! x

  2. I was eyeing up this cardigan for ages at full price, didn't buy! Saw it on sale and for some reason I didn't buy it, but you have made me wish I did, lovely post!

  3. cute collar, i've not seen much dalmation faux fur around! its lovely!

  4. Oh the collar is adorable !
    Just found your blog through it !
    You have a new follower :)
    Feel free to check out mine too if you like:

    Erika x


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