Friday, 3 February 2012

Outfit O'Clock #54 - B&W

Top - Primark £10 (New)
Jeans - River Island £20 (Old sale)
Shoes - Primark £4 (New)
Bag - Mom's 
This outfit could be considered as kinda boring compared to some of my other outfits but it's got a touch of Chanel class - probably because of the black and white colour scheme, the quilted ballet pumps and the quilted bag. That kinda ting. Boom ting a ling.

So today is Friiiiiday Friiiiday gotta get down on Friday and I've been shopping with my buddy oh pal Lisa as she wanted to get something to wear for tomorrow. Even though her wardrobe is bigger than anyone's I know! I also got my hair cut and I think I'm gonna dye it this evening. Got a Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in dark chocolate to try out. Really fancy a change from my boring hair colour that I've had for like, forever. I also want it to be more glossy so fingers crossed this dye should give the desired effect!

Not really done anything else that exciting! And besides my night time excursion tomorrow evening I haven't really got anything planned for this weekend. Are any of you peeps up to anything good this weekend?



  1. I love that top, I'm dying for a trip to Primark. I keep seeing such gorgeous items pop up on the web and when I look where it's from I am always pleasantly surprised that they are from Primark :) xx

  2. I want the top & flats!! I am such a huge fan of flats, so comfy & easy for on the go!!



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