Saturday, 4 February 2012

Outfit O'Clock #55 - The Shirt

Leather Jacket - Warehouse £80 (AW11 Sale)
Shirt - Miss Selfridge £35 (Click here to view online)
Bag - Primark £3 (Current sale)
Trousers - Warehouse £20 (Current sale)
Belt - Karen Millen £4 (Deep Vintage, York)

Happy Saturday! 
You likey my shirty? It's new and from Miss Selfridge. I love it, espesh the collar detail :)
Twas a bit pricey for me at £35 but I got 20% student discount and I really really really liked it - that was enough justification for me to make the purchase.

Due to not feeling 100% today I won't be going out tonight. I haven't felt that great for the past week but it's gradually been getting worse and I think that a night out will just make me even worse. The joy of having ailments!

So the forecast for today looks pretty dull. Will probably enable me to catch up on some work! I also dyed my hair last night which means it is now darkkkkkkkkkkk. These photos are from the other day so my hair is au natural but I will try and get a pic up later or tomorrow of the new hair. Might even just stick a pic on Twitter so keep your eyes posted for that.. if you don't already follow me you can follow me by clicking here.

Soooooo that's about it. How exciting! And now I'm off to go and hoover the house and do some dusting whilst trying not to cripple myself even more.

TTFN (Winnie the Pooh fans will know what the deal is with that) xxx


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