Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Spot the difference

So... Let's play a game. All you have to do is try and guess which pair are the real Litas by Jeffrey Campbell priced at a nice sum of $159.95? Which pair cost £40.99? And which pair cost £40?

The answer. . .

Picture 1 is from missguided.co.uk - £40.99
Picture 2 is the real Lita from solestruck.com - $159.95
Picture 3 is from soyoushoes.co.uk - £40

So if you're liking the whole Lita trend but can't afford the top dollar shoes, just get an alternative version from Miss Guided or So You Shoes for less than half the price! Bravo!

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  1. I genuinely thought the last pair were the real deal! think I may have to get myself a pair of them...fab lookalikes :)



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