Thursday, 8 March 2012

Eyeliner Bbz

Allo allo allo!
The interwebz is a magical place where things can be shared. And today, I'm going to share with you how to achieve eyeliner flick perfection. Obviously the perfection part all depends on your eye shape, how steady your hand is and how good your eyeliner is but hopefully it should work :D

First of all I will delight you with my eyeliner of choice... Collection 2000 are available in places like Boots and Superdrug and they provide us lovely members of the public with pretty cheap makeup. I use the Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner and have done for years now (get me being an eyeliner veteran). It's really cheap at £2.99, the nip of the eyeliner is fab and I find that it doesn't smudgey wudge all down my face as the day goes on like some other eyeliners do! PRETTY DARN FANDIDDLYTASTIC.

Step One)
So your eye is all clean and makeup free. If you like to wear eyeshadow I suggest you put some on before you do your eyeliner... I don't really do eyeshadow except for a bit of light eyeshadow under my eyebrow so therefore my eye is shadow free in the image below. To begin with I draw a line from the centre of my top eyelid to the outer edge of my eye. Don't ask why I don't just start the line at the inside corner of my eye and draw across, I find it is easier to do it in baby steps and you're less likely to mess up..

Step Two)
So you have half a line (HOORAY) now you need to make it a full line.. I usually don't start the line right at the corner of my eye. I usually start like half way between the corner and where the other line ends (if that makes any sense? If it doesn't look at the second picture below). Then I just join up and hey presto. You gots yourself a dandy lookin' line on the top of your eye. At first it may be a bit shakey or wobbly, it's taken me 5 years to get to the stage where I can do it in two minutes and not mess up haha. As time goes on and with practice you will get better :)

If you do mess up, it's always good to have a face wipe or a cotton bud to hand so you can wipe away any unwanted blobs of eyeliner or smudges.

Step Three)
It's flick time!! This is probably the most difficult bit.. At the outer edge of your eye, draw a line which goes out to about half way between the edge of your eyebrow and your actual eye. (See where I have pressed the nib of the eyeliner brush on the picture below, that's how far out our flick goes.) Then draw a triangle (see the second image) and simply shade in the triangle so you have some form of flick...

Step Four)
This step is optional as you might not like putting eyeliner on the bottom of your eye however I always do so I'm adding this step ;)
Simply draw from about half way across the bottom of your eye to where the flick begins. I don't go all the way across the bottom of my eye with eyeliner as the nearer I draw to my tear duct the more likely I am to have smudgy eyes at the end of the day. There's definitely method in the madness ;)

Step Five)
My favourite step by far, get your mascara on and get out there and show off those bad boy flicks!

And that my dears, is how you do a flicky flick ;)
Hope it actually makes sense!


  1. Great tutorial :) I love the step by step :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


  2. Really wish eyeliner suited me. If it did, I think I'd have to do this everyday x

  3. Really good tutorial, whenever I do it the flick always looks slightly odd but yours looks very nice :)

  4. Thanks so much for posting this, I've always wondered how you do your eyeliner because your eyes look so nice in all pictures!

  5. love eyeliner! always use it :)

    I´m your new follower dear!

  6. Oh I'm excited to try this out :) Your eyeliner always looks fabulous!

  7. Thank you so much. I will definitely be practising this. I don't wear eye makeup enough and it's about time I started. x

  8. UPDATE. I have tried it! The flick on my left eye is better but the actual line on my right eye is better. Hmm. I really think with practice I will get this so thankyou! x


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