Thursday, 15 March 2012

hello ladies and gents

First of all I would like to say a massive hello to all my new readers. It's lovely that you've stopped by and taken the time to read some of my posts so thanks for that :). If you haven't already, please feel free to enter my giveaway to reward yourselves for generally being the best!

Secondly, I'm sorry I haven't blogged as much this week.. there's been a lot going on with Uni work, out of Uni work and family stuff so I haven't had that much time to sit down at the computer and formulate some decent blog posts for you to peruse.

I have a very poorly Grandad to go and visit in hospital now so will have to cut this post short.
Hope you are all ok and I will blog soon



  1. Hope your grandad gets better soon xx

    The Fashion Skeleton!

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  2. I really hope your grandad feels better soon! And don't worry about blogging so much, uni work and family are more important :)

  3. Hope your grandad gets better!!!
    take care!

    Jk ||

  4. Hope your grandad is ok. And I can totally relate to mounds of uni work! x

  5. I came across your blog a while ago, stupidly didn't follow, and couldn't remember your blog name! I've rediscovered your blog; love it just as much as the first time :) Hope you grandad is okay and good luck with all your uni work! :) xo

  6. Hope your grandad's okay! :)

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    1. hello tash! hope your G'dad gets well soon! im blogging now dude! x


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