Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's a g-g-g-g-giveaway!

Everyone loves free stuff right?? Yeh me too! 
Luckily for you guys you have the chance to win something quite purrrrfect..

Remember that lovely cat print shirt which I received off the very kind folk at Sugar Lips Apparel? Well you guys have the chance to win the same shirt! I have been sent another shirt, size XS (I think the size will cover anyone from a UK size 6-10.. possibly even a 12 as it is quite floaty on me) which one of you can get your lovely hands on... TERRIFIC. Please, try and conceal your excitement through to the end of this post and then you can run around the house screaming.

So now you need to know how to enter I guess?
It's pretty simple..

1) Simply go onto Sugar Lips' site, have a mooch around, pick your favourite item of clothing and let me know why you love it so much by writing in a comment on this post and leaving a link to the item.

2) Follow this blog on either GFC or Bloglovin'

3) Leave your name and email address in the comment so I know who to contact if you WIN :D

And that's it. If you want an extra entry feel free to tweet about it but it's optional! I appreciate some of you won't use Twitter so it's no biggy ;)

Easyyyyyy as pieeeeeeeee

I will be choosing the winner on 1st April with the help of Obviously I will need to read through all your comments about your fav items and why they are your favs, then I'll choose my favourite five comments and then I'll it up between the final five! TECHNICAL.

So yes, good luck :)


  1. I like the "honey blossom tank top" because its feminine and summery. I like the detail too. :)
    Jennifer -

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  3. Honey blossom tank! It's got the cutest detailing with lace and beeds, don't think you can go more feminine than that!:) Followin on GFC, Tereza Love your blog, thank you for such a nice giveaway!:) xx

  4. I love the Kimono Colorblock Top ( It's such an unusual shape and I love the colours!

    I follow via GFC and my email address is

    Thank you! x

  5. i love the surplus jacket it looks very comfy

  6. Love this its look comfy and also trendy

  7. Following on GFC. My favourite item is the aviator shirt, it's simple yet interesting -

    Laila x

  8. So glad you posted this else wouldnt have even discovered this site! Gotta get my hands on this fringed floral jacket, its so perfect for these pretend days of summer we've been having up in Leeds this time of year (brave the elements I would) Looks bangin' with those high waisted denim shorts!

    Following on GFC - complete novice at blogging so not really worth a look yet but i'll get there

    Katie -

    Big Love for your blog :)


  9. Well, aside from the gorgeous kitty blouse, I love the red 'Market Festival Dress' . Gorgeous and floaty - perfect for a festival or a European long weekend somewhere sunny : )

    I follow via Bloglovin'

  10. I love this,

    Thanks for posting this, there are loads of things on there that I need! Following you on GFC

    louisefarnell at gmail dot com

  11. Oh my god! This blouse is to die for! :-D. I'd love to enter! Anything with cats on is a definite winner in my books! Aside from this super cute blouse, I also love :-).
    I follow you on GFC and my email address is :-). Good luck everyone! xxx

  12. Strangely enough, the Rockabilly Kitty Blouse is my fave piece on their site! I've been lusting after it since spotting it on someone's Pinterest and automatically thought it would cheer me up during those long hours spent in the library trying to finish my uni dissertation because I love kitties. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for it :)
    Also, fab blog, I've only just discovered it! Following with GFC as gabriellasofia
    Please check out my page too

  13. ohmygossshhh! i am a new follower through gfc, love your style! this giveaway is amazing! ... umm my favourite item on the site? ...a part from the kitty top, which is obviously my favourite! i'm pretty sure i need the red market festival dress in my life, i would probably wear every day (not just to markets or festivals!) so pretty!

    my email is

    i'll keep my fingers crossed! <3

  14. I absolutely love the ICED ÉCLAIR ROMPER. The colour is gorgeous and 'so on trend' for pastels this spring. I can imagine it would be lovely and comfortable to wear, especially for casual summer days. Can see why it's sold out, which sucks!!!! Hope they get some more in soon!!

    Following on GFC and will tweet about the giveaway too!


  15. Argh it's so hard to pick but I narrowed it down to the Issadora Fringed cardigan and this shirt. After much deliberation I decided on this cute kitty shirt, the print is absolutely lovely and I love the look of the fit. I love the the baggy sleeves and the epaulets and how versatile this shirt could be... tucked in, hanging loose over legging or skinnies, tied into a crop over a dress or with denim shorts for summer... I love it!

    Sadie - :) xx

  16. Woah it has to be the "Isadora Fringe Cardi" ( It's one of those items that makes a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt into a must-post-this-look-on-my-blog outfit.


  17. J'adore the Knotted Chambray Shirt!
    So cute for Summer, and makes it a year round must have with the longer sleeves and collar (I also love the different coloured collar, almost gives the impression of an undershirt), I think it'd be even cuter to add some collar clips! Definitely a great outfit tucked in to a high-waisted skater skirt!

    Emily Rose Perrin

  18. I adore the Dancing into Twlight dress, because dayum I'm a sucker for sparkles!


    Tabs x

  19. i think this shirt is actually my favourite thing on there! but if i had to choose something else i'd pick the Isadora fringe cardi... perfect for a sheer cover-up in summmer, perfect amount of boho/hippy :)

    My name is Katie and email
    Love your blog xx

  20. I love the kitty cat blouse, tis beautiful <3...Besides that I love the Saturday lounger romper, it's perfect for lazy afternoons...I'm following you on bloglovin and my email is x

  21. Stunning shirt, love anything with a cat print! My favourite thing on sugarlips had got to be the neue pinakothek dress for the cut out sleves and full skirt, perfect for floating though summer! I also love that they use blogger pics :)
    Following on bloglovin and my email is x

  22. Omg I love this website!! Thank you for introducing it to me :) my fav item on the website is the apache noon top, very on trend and perfect for a night out!

  23. I love the Galaxy Onyx Sweater

    It looks super comfy and slouchy. Can be dressed up or dressed down, and it sparkles! Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle!?

    Followed via Bloglovin

    Katie -

  24. Cat print shirt = awesomesauce! My animal print collection is steadily growing and I'm still not satisfied :P
    After checking out Sugar Lips I've fallen in love with the tie dye leggings, they're amazing! I would probably have them in pink or purple to match my hair ;) I have a secret love for tie dye clothing, reminds me of when I was a kid and made loads of tie dye tshirts with my friends. I wore mine all the time, even though it was way too big on me! :D
    I follow via GFC as Whimsical Wolf, and my email is

  25. Ok, so after wasting a ridiculous amount of time on the Sugar Lips website, I've decided my favourite item has to be the awesome Autumn Comfort Pullover ( I know, I know, it's approaching spring, so I really shouldn't be lusting over autumn clothes, but living in the UK you can never quite know what the weather's going to do. I'm a big festival person and have some great ones lined up this summer, and couldn't help thinking as I drooled over the pullover, how it'd be perfect with some shorts and leggings as I crawl out of my tent and make the obligatory hangover breakfast.

    I'm following via GFC and my email is

    Loving the blog! Susie x

  26. Love the blouse! It's dreamy. I like the Aviation Lesson Blouse the best: it's cute, sailory and reminds me that summer is almost here. Would look great with a pair of skinnies or shiny leggings!

    I'm following via Blog Lovin' :)

    Sam or @simbythecat on Twitter.

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  28. The blouse is amazing - it looks so smart yet versatile and anything with cats on is a winner for me!

    Aside from the blouse, my favourite has to be the Cut Out Tribal Trim Romper (; it's absolutely adorable...
    As weird as it sounds, the pattern reminds me of the cushion covers my nan used to have - that is a compliment I swear! The gorgeous (and very vintage) pattern mixed with nostalgia just does it for me - I'm in love!

  29. The print on this top looks so pretty! (and you look stunning too by the way ;))

    I love the Day in Rhodes dress... It looks so romantic. :)

    xprincesaliviax @

  30. I'm in love with the Nordic summer top, so cute!
    Lovely giveaway!!

  31. I am obsessed with everything on sugarlips but I LOVE the Aviation Lesson Blouse!

  32. Loving this blouse! I've followed on bloglovin. My email is

  33. The Aviation Lesson Blouse is just so lovely, it's a great twist on the normal chiffon/silk shirt :)
    I'm following too on bloglovin!

    Lou :)

  34. LOVE the blouse and great giveaway! I have to say that Sugarlips have TOO much to love, and that my purse is sure to suffer as a result! After much deliberation and uhmming and ahhing, my favourite thing has to be the Aviation Lesson blouse here,
    As somebody who actively wears the nautical trend at a constant rate I already have so many things in my wardrobe this would go with, and it would be perfect for summery days by the beach, topped off with a boater hat!

    Already a follower here, my email is
    Going to tweet about it too :)

  35. Just discovered your blog and I am loving your style-effortless chic-totally inspiring some shopping in me!
    This blouse is perfect, I'm a follower on bloglovin


  36. My fave is this playsuit
    Would be perfect for summer / spring with a plain cardigan thrown over for the colder days in England (.. so most of the time!)
    I am so obsessed with cats.. this blouse is ideal. Haha!


  37. I LOVE the Aviation Lesson Blouse! it would match so much!

  38. I love love love the market festival dress, perfect summer dress for me!

    Thank you :)
    Liv x

  39. gfc and bloglovin follower
    tumblemumbo at
    thanks, intl.
    i likethe gypsy chiffon top .

  40. My favourite thing on the sugar lips website at the moment is the 'Sky Veranda Tank' because there is nothing to not like about it, its baby blue colour gives it a tick in the pastel trend box and the lace gives it a girlie touch. I would team this with my stripy faded red short shorts for a vintage-y look.

    Following you via GFC :) great giveaway!

  41. I love this dress:, because I love the way it has been styled with a blouse underneath- such a good idea, two dresses in one :)

    ida rasmussen

    (i've tweeted too - idaida9)


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