Saturday, 10 March 2012

Outfit O'Clock #71 - Ladywear

Shirt - River Island £15 (Sale)
Cardigan - River Island
Belt - ASOS
Jeans - Warehouse £15
Bag - Cow Vintage £8
Rings - Primark & Forever 21
Necklace - Miss Selfridge £1

It's Saturday eve and most of you guys should be out partying and getting crunk with friends. I, however, have decided that I can't afford to go out so will be staying in and watching some form of film. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

This is what I wore to work yesterday. It's pretty simple, I like the simplicity of white shirts. If this outfit didn't feature a white shirt it would be deemed very casual but the fact there is a white shirt automatically means it's more smart. It's definitely a wardrobe staple! Last night I went out with a few friends to our local Wetherspoons. I decided to dye my hair before I went out and it's now a reddy/purple sort of colour! INTERESTING. Will try and get a post up tomorrow to show you guys the new colour :) I'm not sure if I like it or not so honest opinions would be much appreciated.

And that's about it! Now I'm going to go and stick my PJs on and watch a film with a nice cup of tea and some form of sweet/chocolate/biscuit/cake. Laterz potaterz xxx


  1. Love the cardigan, the colour is gorgeous!xx

  2. Mmm PJs and tea! Perfect! Also love the outfit, I don't own a white shirt and now I feel like I should! x

    1. Yes Karys! White shirts are a must ;) hope you're ok lovely xx

  3. I love that cardigan, such a lovely colour and I love the buttons on the sleeves :) xx

  4. That cardigan is lovely, fantastic outfit :) x

  5. I love the cardigan and who you've belted it.

  6. You look lovely! As for night in, I jump at the chance! Love lazy nights in :) xo

  7. I love this outfit! And gosh, you're just so pretty! x


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