Thursday, 29 March 2012

Outfit O'Clock #77 - Mint Ice Cream

Skirt - Primark
Necklace - Gift
Pearl ring - Primark
Gold and black ring - Republic
Satchel - Vintage


Today has been one of those days where you don't seem to achieve an awful lot. However the reality is I've only just had the chance to sit down. This morning I woke up, got ready, took my Grandma to town, then went to visit my Grandad in hospital for a few hours, then I went to get some milk, came home, had a cup of tea, and here we are.. it's 5.30pm and I feel like I've achieved zilch. Where has the day gone? At 6 I will be back up to hospital for evening visiting until half 7 and then we are off to get some fish & chips for a treat and to celebrate that (fingers crossed) Grandad should be coming out of hospital tomorrow. Hoorah! My friend's Dad has leant us a DVD of when Elvis played live in Memphis back in the day so we shall probably watch that this evening - how cool! I actually really like Elvis, I know it's not really the done thing for people my age to love a bit of Elvis but hey, I don't care. I love the guy. He gets ma toes tapping!

I got this top for £10 in the River Island online sale a few days back. The mint green colour appears to have sold out now however they still have it in a reddish colour and cream. I love lace tops, especially for tucking into my midi skirt. 

Anyways I'm off to go have another cuppa before I've got to go back out again. Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather!



  1. love your accessories! you look lovely!
    xo, Tina

  2. River Island seem to have loads of mint green things in at the moment, it's a lovely colour and I love your midi skirt too! (: And yaay for fish and chip celebrations x

  3. You look lovely!

    xoxo, Laura

  4. Love this look it's so summery and girly :) x

  5. this skirt is beautiful :)

  6. I got the pink version of that top for my sister at Christmas :)
    Hope everything is okay with your Grandad and there is nothing wrong with a bit of Elvis. x

  7. I'm loving your blog right now. Your style is the perfect blend of classy and edgy. Following!

  8. Love this outfit, it's so pretty, and all the jewellery is lovely too :) xx

  9. Teach me your ways Tash, TEACH ME!!!! P.S I WILL be copying you.
    So long, farewell, aufweidersein goodbye. xxx (dani)


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