Friday, 30 March 2012

Outfit O'Clock #78 - I mean business

Jacket - £20 Topshop 
T Shirt - £3 Primark
Jeans - £15 Warehouse
Quilted Bag - Marc B from T K Maxx
Studded Shoes - £16 from the Pallasades in Brum


Today has been one of those where you wake up full of the joys of Spring and slowly get worn down as the day goes on, then something happens and joy is in the air again! My Grandad was meant to come out of hospital today. My Grandma was so excited bless her and at 11am sharp (nurse's orders) she rang up to see when we could go and collect him to be greeted with 'well we don't know really'. Helpful much? So we visited him as usual at half 2 (hospital visiting hours, you aren't allowed to go before then) and waited approximately an hour without anyone telling us what was going on. Then my Grandma went to find someone who could explain to us whether we could take him home who responded with a big shrug and 'go ask that guy'. Eventually we got an answer out of someone who said he wouldn't be coming out today as his oxygen levels dipped severely in the night and they wouldn't be prepared to let him out as it was too dangerous with his oxygen levels falling that low when he goes to sleep. Why it wasn't simple enough to tell us down the phone I'll never know? Anyways we got sent home full of despair that he wouldn't be coming out of there for another week, but I've just received a phone call saying he's coming out now! So happy :) and I'm over the moon for Grandma because she's been out of her usual routine and has been missing him loads. MASSIVE YAY!

In other, none-Grandad-related news - What do you think of my shoes? (That rhymes!) I got them from some cheap shop in the Pallasades centre in Birmingham. They're actually really comfy, I was torn between the black version and the nude version but the nude ones weren't in my size and would get dirty easily so the black won my heart! Also, I went to see the Hunger Games on Wednesday evening and really enjoyed it. Such a good film. I'd definitely recommend it :) really want to get reading the books now!

Anyway, I hope you're all ok! Going to go celebrate life with a steak and baked potato.


  1. I love your shoes! And the price too ;) I saw The Hunger Games on Wednesday and thought it was really good. I've already read the trilogy, but I went with friends who hadn't and they understood everything that happened, so in my opinion the film was done really well :D

  2. Nice sharp outfit! Especially like the shoes. Thats great news about your Grandad shame about all the hospitals faffing about though! x

  3. I've just read the second book and they're brilliant!
    I have a pair of studded shoes and they go so well with everything.
    So happy for your family that your grandad is getting out of hospital! x

  4. pleased to hear your grandad's out of hospital! enjoy the celebrations :) love the shoes :)

  5. I'm very happy for you and your family that your granddad is out of the hospital! I love your outfit!

    xoxo, Laura

  6. Love your hair and eyes in these photos- gorgeous xx

  7. Haha I'm such a potato fiend...the mention of a baked potato has excited me immensely! I love the shoes, I didn't manage to get my hands on the black Topshop Vectras but these look sturdier which I think makes them a much better alternative!

    That's wonderful news for your Grandad...fingers crossed for his good recovery! x


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