Monday, 30 April 2012

Have You Herd About Buffalo David Bitton?

Before we begin, I need to state that the title is actually a pun playing on the fact that this particular brand is called BUFFALO David Bitton. The 'herd' is in fact a play on words of the word 'heard' but I used it in the sense of a herd of Buffalo. Just needed to make that clear! I don't want you guys thinking my grammar is horrific. 

Anyway, meet Canadian denim giant - Buffalo David Bitton. I actually love the name of this brand, it's pretty memorable and reminds me of cowboys for some reason. Bitton's latest collection is inspired by the bohemian look; a big hit in the seventies. As you can see, a plethora of skinny flare fits and low-rise waist lines are helping to really define this collection. But, if you're not that confident about resorting to flared jeans just yet, they also stock a huge range of jeans from bootcut to skinny fit. I personally love these mint green, cropped jeans which also happen to be named after my dear friend Lisa. I'd wear them with big, chunky heeled sandals to really draw attention to the fact they're cropped above the ankle. I also love these jeans, they're a bit less prim and proper than what I'm used to but I love the fading effect on them. 

I'd never really describe a denim range as 'sexy' but this collection is 'oozing' in sex appeal. Just look at the images below if you don't believe me. As a firm believer in bargains, the denim from BDB comes at a hefty blow to the bank, however I'm pretty sure that if I was on a salary I wouldn't mind spending some dollars for a decent fitting, well-made pair of jeans from Buffalo David Bitton. If not because of the selection of denim, then I'd probably buy it so that when people ask me where my jeans are from I get to say (in a Texas Cowboy kinda voice) 'Buffaloooo David Bitton. Yeeeee ha!' If you like what you see and want to know more then the denim range can be found at Buffalo Jeans and also Miss Couture.

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