Friday, 27 April 2012

A New Regime

Superbalanced foundation from Clinique 
Shimmer cubes eyeshadow and shimmer waves blush from Body Shop
Lipstick from the Body Shop (Shade: XHO02CD)


Whilst on the look out for some foundation in Telford Town Centre yesterday I came across the 3 for 2 offer on skincare and makeup in the Body Shop. So, being me, and being in need of some new makeup I decided to make the most of such an offer. I chose some new eyeshadow shades in lovely pink/neutral shades, a nice shimmer blush for my cheeks and finally a neutral(ish) lipstick. I've always loved the makeup range from the Body Shop as I've never had any skin complaints or rashes from it and obviously they don't test on animals so that's groovy.

I also went to the Clinique stall in Debenhams to see what they could offer me in terms of foundation. I recently bought Mac Studio Fix and the coverage is great, the colour is great... but I find it's too matte for my dry skin so sometimes I can end up looking a bit patchy regardless of how much moisturiser I've lathered on my face. I'm a bit picky when it comes to my complexion so I'm on the hunt for the perfect foundation and Clinique 'superbalanced' makeup is next on my list. To get the best results I'm going to be following the three step regime suggested by Clinique - cleanse, tone, moisturise (all of which I already own but don't use, DOH) - and then I will use the foundation alongside this beauty regime with the hope that my skin will become less dreary and more glowing and radiant. OH I LONG FOR RADIANT SKIN.

In addition to getting some foundation I've also been invited to their 'Colour in Bloom' make up event which is happening next week. I'm booked in for a consultation on the 3rd May and will receive a make over followed by some 'complimentary beauty favourites' apparently. How exciting.

I'll let you know how all these products work out for me in a few reviews over the weekend or something :)

Have any of you guys tried any of the make up treats above? What do you think?


  1. Lovely new buys! The packaging of the Clinique foundation is sweet :) I use their 3-step routine at the moment but am yet to try any of their 'proper' make-up! xx

  2. Lovely buys! I have never used any Clinique make-up but my skin is very sensitive so I might buy a powder or foundation from them!

    xoxo, Laura

  3. Never used make up by Body Shop before, but these shimmer cubes look really pretty :) xx

  4. Good luck with foundation and have fun at the event! Hope you get the radiant skin!

  5. Love the body shop! Can't believe I've only just discovered your blog, it's so lovely and your outfit photos make me envious! Enjoy the event next week :) xx

  6. Hi! I have that foundation, I went into Boots on my lunch hour for a sample and came out with the foundation and a lippy. Whoops. I must say it is really, really good. I have combination skin it works wonders. I would recommend getting a fixing powder (I got a £2 one from Natural collection, after feeling guilty about spending so much on a foundation) to put over the top (especially if you have any oily bits like me) and it really helps it stay on all day.

    Sorry for the ramble! xx



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