Sunday, 8 April 2012

Outfit O'Clock #80 - Happy Easter M'dears

Shirt - c/o Sugar Lips Apparel now $24 - approx £15!
Mint top - River Island £10
Pastel ring - Primark £2
Pearl ring - Primark (old)
Rucksack - Market abroad
Brooch - Mom's jewellery box
Jeans - Warehouse £15


Sorry it's been a while, I have to say this week my immune system has taken a battering and I've had various illnesses showing themselves to me in full force - from sickness bugs to chest infections, I've been there! In addition to this I've been focusing on the dissertation again. I must admit, it's difficult to write because there seems to be so much that initially I had not planned to write about - but hey I guess that's better than not having enough to pass comment on.

This is an outfit I wore at some point this week but I've only just got round to posting about it. For the first time in months I've posted a picture where my face is void of my signature eyeliner haha. MENTAL. I guess when you're ill, eyeliner becomes a massive chore and I just couldn't be doing with it. I've spent most of the week in really gross, manly looking leisurewear. Massively thick hoodies, soft cotton tees and warm tracksuit bottoms - but comfort is key when you're on your knees!

The outfit was a bit of a change for me with the whole brooch and rucksack thing going on. Totally out of my comfort zone but it was good to try out. The brooch was a great decision as the shirt from Sugar Lips Apparel doesn't come with a top button. So I decided to fuse it together with a good, pretty little brooch. Personally, I've never been a keeper of brooches so it was great to be able to raid Mom's jewellery box. I also really love this rucksack. It's a bit weird and granny looking but I like it - and it's miniature which means it makes me look normal size - winner!

This week is another week of powering out work and then finally to bring the week to a grand finale I will be heading down to London on Thursday to partake in a photo shoot with the Style Piques team. Pretty excited about that! I've never really done anything like it before so should be a great experience :) I'm really looking forward to it.

And I think that's about it! Hope you're all well and haven't been missing me too much ;) haha I joke!
Lotsa Lovez xxx


  1. so good luck with your dissertaion! =) I hate doing these big things! it makes me so nervous! and I love ur jewelleries in this post;)=) aaaand you look great even withnout the eyeliners!;)

  2. i am in love with this combination! and your hair looks so pretty

  3. I absolutely love this outfit, especially the mint top. It is stunning.
    LottieBot xx


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