Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Outfit O'Clock #81 - Denim Gilet

Denim gilet - £15 Primark New
Pastel ring - £2 Primark New
Scarf - River Island Old
Lace top - Topshop Old
Jeans - River Island Old

My life is complete and I'm a happy chappy! And it was only £15 from Primark - a massive bargain compared to the ones from Miss Selfridge and Topshop which are priced more towards the £30 - £40 mark.

This week I've been quiet on the blogging front so that I can get some work done for Uni. After all, impending deadlines in May mean that I really need to get my head down and get lots done now. Our online health magazine, Student Doc, which is aimed at students is coming along really well and I'm really excited for the finished product. Below is a sneak peak of what it will look like... if you could follow the twitter site @studentdocmag it would mean a lot as we want to get as big a reach as possible before hand in! I'd be so grateful! In addition to the website we've been planning a roadshow to visit various clubs in Birmingham over the next month to promote the 'online magazine'. So yes, fingers crossed that should be a success. We're also currently looking for writers to contribute towards articles on the site. Obviously they have to be health related and aimed at students but if you're feeling up to it and want to get your work published then email and we can sort something out! 

Student doc plug finished - back to talking about normal stuff... So yes, tomorrow I'm off to London to take part in a photo shoot with the peeps at Style Piques! Currently got conjunctivitis, chapped lips and a red nose so a lot of airbrushing may be needed haha. Never mind :P

Hope you're all good in the hood! xxx


  1. What a lovely springy outfit again :)
    I ordered some bits from Style Pique after seeing you mention them on here so thank you!
    And your online magazine looks great! Good luck with Uni :)

    LottieBot xx

    1. Thanks Lottie! No way what did you order??
      And thanks, I need it haha got lots to do! x

  2. As if this gilet was only £15!! Such a bargain. It really looks lovely on you and will be perfect for spring/summer.
    We love your blog and are definitely new followers!! JS xx


    1. Aww thank you so much! I know, I've been after one for so long now and thought I defo won't find anything cheaper than £15 x

  3. The denim gillet is such a bargain :) the scarf your wearing in these pictures is absolutely amazing. Both look great teamed with the white lace dress :)
    Good luck with all your uni work, I feel your pain. I've been working overtime over the holidays and having fun so much that now the rush is on to get all my assignments done! :( just think though, the summer holidays are not far away :)

    Jo. xx

  4. love the gilet! and the online magazine sounds reallyu good! xx


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