Friday, 13 April 2012

Outfit O'Clock #82 - Floral Fancy

Floral Lattice Dress - Topshop c/o Style Compare £36
Belt - Vintage Karen Millen £4
Trench Coat - Zara £15 (sale)
Satchel - Primark
Ring - Forever 21

So, as stated in CAPS LOCK above, this is what I wore to work today. The sun was out, and despite me having a massive, barking cough I decided that I'd get my legs out and dress a bit summery and spesh. Can't get enough of this dress just lately and I want to wear it ALL of the time - those who read often will notice that this is the dress I styled in the Style Challenge competition set up by Style Compare. The trench coat was a precaution as I never know what the weather is going to do with itself these days, mainly because one moment it's super sunny and the next it's viciously hailing. SORT IT OUT LAV. 

Anywho.. yesterday I ventured up to London for the blogger photo shoot with Style Piques! It was a super day and the Style Piques team are so lovely and made it thoroughly enjoyable. Plus I got to have a little nosey at their new summer stock and I have to say, it's looking good folks! I will write a more detailed post about my little outing at a later date so I can show you the finished results from the shoot as well - keep your eyes peeled!

This weekend is going to be one of complete rest in order to let myself recuperate and hopefully get rid of this annoying cough. It's driving me insane (and I think it drove the majority of the passengers on the train from London mad too!) There was me, being all cool cause I'd just been down to London, then I went and ruined it by having to swig cough medicine on the train. I'm definitely winning at life.

So, has anyone got any great, wonderful, lovely, super-duper plans for the weekend?


  1. oh! such a lovely dress! love the prints

  2. wow, the trech is completely bargain! =D and you look great though the cough;)=) and can't wait for seeing the shoot result;)=) and we're going to the little trip to germany tomorrow;)=)

    1. Aww thank you. How come you're off to Germany! Hope you have a lovely time :)

  3. you look so fabulously classy!x

  4. You look lovely despite your cough! Great idea styling the dress with that trench coat :) x

    1. Thanks Rachel. Make up works wonders haha! x

  5. That dress is lovely. I might treat myself to it =) Merci for sharing and making me spend lol!!

  6. this is such an amazing outfit, you look so sophisticated in this


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