Saturday, 21 April 2012

Outfit O'Clock #86 - Darker

Print vest - Style Piques
Jumper - Topshop
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Miss Selfridge 
Ring - Forever 21
Bracelets - ASOS

This is today's outfit, I guess it's a bit different to my usual style - it's a bit more dark and slouchy and yeh, not very ME. If that makes sense? But I like it :) the vest is from Style Piques, I brought it a while ago and really love the colours and the print. My fixation with neutral, browny colours is clearly showing through! 

I dyed my hair earlier as my roots were coming through and it looked a mess. It's just a dark brown colour now. I'll probably go lighter in a month or so when summer hits properly (and I can afford to get it done professionally) but until then I'm staying dark!

Tonight I'm off to Nandos with the boyf. He's back in Telford for one night only so we are making the most of it and are going to use my WHOLE FREE CHICKEN on my Nandos Loyalty Card. Excited much?? Tbh I can't wait to see him, everything's been a bit hectic lately and it's been difficult to fit each other in with our big work loads (he's got a dissertation and various other projects due in too soon).

Tomorrow will be a 'power out the last of the dissertation day.' I'm 1,000 words off the finish line - the end is in sight! I started sorting out my bibliography today and it's taken ageeeeees. MEH. I'm getting there, slowly. Just need to find somewhere to print and bind it now. Apparently we have to hand in TWO printed copies plus a digital copy. RIP trees. 

I think that's about it. Gonna go get myself spruced up for the imminent arrival of Jack. 
In a bizzle fo shizzle nizzle xxx


  1. I hope you get your disseration all done and dusted! I have that to look forward to next year...! Really like your vest top! xx

  2. love your outfit, you look really beautiful :)

  3. Love this look, good luck with the dissertation :)

  4. You look gorgeous! That jumper is amazing!

    xoxo, Laura

  5. love the top and necklace, yep, it's not very your style, but sometimes is good to try something different;)=) and I like your hair too;)=)

  6. Love your style!

    Good luck with your dissertation - i had to do 2 as i did a masters as well and each of them we had to print 3 copies off! Now i'm doing a phd and had to do a first year report the same length of my diss with another 3 copies...hate to think of how many tress i'll have used by the time i've finished!


  7. Those leggings are exactly what I'm looking for. Lovely outfit. So scared about getting to the time when I have to write a dissertation :( WAHH.

  8. You look gorgeous! Have a wonderful night with your bf.

  9. your necklace is really nice it looks huge in the pictures such a statement x


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