Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Outfit O'Clock #87 - Hand me downs

 Dress - Hand me down from Lisa (originally from Primark)
Underdress - Came underneath a Lipsy dress but I use it for various things
Belt - Primark
Satchel - Primark
Rings - Forever 21

You know what the good thing about being small is?? When people grow out of their clothes, or just get sick of them and want a clear out.. you always get approached and asked if you want anything. This happened to me yesterday with my dear friend Lisa. Lisa has the most clothes out of anyone I know. Literally, her wardrobe is crammed and bags of clothes can be found dotted around her bedroom. She's got a slight clothes / fashion obsession I reckon! Anyway, yesterday she brought round two great sacks full of clothes that she was getting rid of and asked if I wanted anything. Obviously I said yes as it's always nice to have something different to wear, right? So this is one of the many items that I obtained from Lisa yesterday. I'm actually wearing it back to front but I prefer it that way as it'd be WAY too low cut for me if I were to wear it how it should be worn. I love how light it is and the colours / paisley pattern are really pretty. It's right up my street. I also noticed the 'atmosphere' label on it which means it's from Primark - can't believe it! What do you guys think?? I think I definitely need a bigger wardrobe as with my latest additions from Lisa PLUS some stuff I've ordered from Missguided I'm beginning to run out of wardrobe / drawer space in my room. SHIZER. 

Hope you guys are all good! And sorry my posting hasn't been THAT frequent but you know the score with the dissertation and tingz. I'm off out this weekend as a little treat providing I get my dissertation done and printed and bound and handed in. Will post an outfit as I'll be wearing some hotpant-style shorts from Missguided which are luuuuuuurvly (yes I did say hotpant-style haha wish me luck!) You're only young once so I may as well embrace the hot pants!

But now I'm off to make a cuppa and do more workies.
Speak soon xxx


  1. That does not look like Primarni at all; I instantly thought it was vintage!! Love that you've turned it back to front as well, looks lovely! I wish I had a friend like Lisa :)

    Dannii x

  2. This dress looks great back to front and I love the first picture of you, you look so pretty in it :) xx

  3. I would never buy a dress like that, but it suits you very well!
    It looks very cute on you!

  4. Oh I love this dress! I really like it how you wear it back to front!

    xoxo, Laura

  5. You look lovely, love the bow ring :) x

  6. Gorgeous dress! Wish i had friends like that.

  7. it's competely amazing look and you are so cute in the dress;)=) and Primark could be amazing, I think;)=)


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