Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Black Milk... Jeffrey Campbell.. Collaborating?! ZOMG

Well this week has been very exciting in terms of new, fashion-y stuff! This little beauty above arrived in my inbox a few days ago and I nearly did a little wee in my pants I was that excited. I love Black Milk prints, they've always been a bit out of my budget but I've always loved their clothes and designs particularly their leggings. I first came across Black Milk through Lookbook as someone was wearing their galaxy print leggings when they first came out and I was hooked. Then there's JC. Oh JC. I think I'd be right in saying that JC shoes hold a place in every bloggers' heart. So when I heard that Black Milk and Jeffrey Campbell were in collaboration I was like WHAAAAA?! Apparently this is Round Two as well? Where was I when Round One hit?! But yes, I love the printsssss, I WANT ALL OF THEM. I think my favourite is the black and white print Litas. Mainly because I would get my wear out of such tootsietastic art due to them being of a monochrome palette. So yes anyway you can view the lovely shoes (and their lovely prices) here.

In other fashion-y news. The Del Rey has finally arrived at Mulberry. Again, it's completely out of my budget league but I like to share this information regardless. I must admit, the Del Rey is very simplistic (perhaps a little too simplistic for me) but even though it's simple I like it. There's something about it which exudes class and the two colours which it comes in - black and tan - will go with EVERYTHING EVER. Wearability / matchy-matchy factor is through the roof with this bad boy. In fact, I've figured out that if you wear it every day for one whole year, it will cost you £2.18 per day. Bargain! (Just kidding, I mean, it's worth the equivalent of three/four months rent for some people).

I think next I want Jeffrey Campbell, Black Milk and Mulberry to work together to make something amazing. I don't care whether it's a pair of pants or a set of golf clubs - I reckon it'd be crazy cool. Get on it guys!


  1. This may be the best collaboration I've ever seen EVER! :) xx

  2. OMG this is sooo amazing!! This has actually made my day!! xx

  3. As you have probably guessed from mine and Katharine's excitement on twitter - you are a god for posting this. TOO EXCITED! :-D. xx

  4. I was to stay in the shack and write a shining original story for a Hollywood studio. Remi was going to fly down jeffrey campbellin a stratosphere liner with this harp under his arm and make us all rich; Lee Ann was to go with him; he was going to introduce her to his buddy's father, who was a famous director and an intimate of W. C. Fields.


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