Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Clinique 3-Step Skincare & Foundation Review

Say hello to my new skincare regime. I've always been a massive fan of Clinique but always found it difficult to get into the habit of doing the three step routine before bed and first thing in the morning. Also, I used to find that the 'Dramatically Different Moisturiser' was too rich for my skin as I'd always come out in spots. However, when I popped into Debenhams the other day to enquire at the Clinique counter about some foundation, the advisor told me that if I was to follow the three step routine every day and use all three products rather than missing out the middle step (which is what I'd been doing) then the moisturiser won't make my skin oily. She also colour matched me for some 'Superbalanced' foundation which is what I'm wearing in the picture above and below. 

I'm always getting rashes come up on my face; usually situated between my eyebrows and on my forehead. Since using this regime the problem areas have been really clear and my skin has never looked better. The foundation is also amazing as it makes my skin look healthy rather than dry and dull. WINNER. I'd definitely recommend these products to anyone. I've only been following the regime for three or four days and I can tell the difference. The foundation is also super matched to my natural skin colour which means BYE BYE TIDE MARKS

Today I'm wearing: 
Superbalanced Foundation by Clinique, 
Black liquid eyeliner by Collection 2000, 
Girl Meets Pearl face illuminator from Benefit, 
Body shop lipstick, shimmer blusher and eyeshadow,
Dior Show Iconic Mascara.


  1. Your skin looks amazing! What's the coverage like on the Superbalanced Foundation?

    Gem x

  2. I use the Clinique 3-step too and love it. Yet to try any of their actual make-up but glad to see your impressed with it :) x

  3. Oh wow, your skin looks so fresh! I have some samples of the 3-step but I just need to get round to using them. It does seem like a lot of hassle and time, but if the effects are this good I should just suck it up and give it a go! Haha. Thanks for a fab post :)
    Ooof, also, please check out my blog if you have a spare minute :) http://hautefuture.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  4. Oh this is well useful :) I love Clinique's eye treatments and as I ran out of my daily face cleanser, I was considering getting a Clinique one this time – along with the toner and the moisturizer. May give it a try :)


  5. I need to invest! I was hanging round the clinique counter on sunday but the lady was busy. =(


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