Sunday, 20 May 2012

a fortnight of instagram

1) Song thrush nesting on Jack's balcony in Manchester - the eggs hatched last Sunday!
2) Snapping Jack mid-talk whilst looking through holiday brochures in Caffe Nero.
3) Pissing about in the lift.
4) Hilton Hall - where I work. It's a beautiful building.
5) A Goodyear blimp. WOOOOOOO!
6) Bluebells which surround Hilton Hall.
7) Stud shoes
8) My uni girls on a night out.
9) £5 dress from Primark. Art deco - rave - scuba attire.
10) Exciting news via Company mag.
11) Me and my beaut last night in Birmingham.
12) My outfit - shorts from Missguided £23.99 and top from River Island £15. 

So this is a fortnight's worth of Instagram snapz. For those of you who don't know - MY INSTAGRAM IS NOW PUBLIC OMG NO WAAYYYYY! I think my username is tashahinde or something... coz I'm just oh so original.

Last night I went out in Birmingham. Lisa had managed to obtain some VIP passes to Gatecrasher so we went there. It was alright. I think these huge clubs are struggling to be filled nowadays. I remember times when places like Gatecrasher and Oceana were booming and always crammed but now they struggle to fill one room which is sad. I guess people are opting for smaller, niche places rather than mainstream clubs. I don't blame them really when there are much better places to go with cheaper drinks prices.

I'm considering a night out in Liverpool for my 21st but I have NO IDEA where is good to go there. Does anyone have any suggestions??


  1. that primark dress is so nice! can't believe it was only £5 x

  2. Pretty photos :) Love the one of the little birdie and your Primark dress-good find! xx

  3. Love your dress, I can't believe it was only £5.
    JS xx

  4. Love your dress, can't believe it was only £5!
    JS xx

  5. I have never in my life seen a blimp in real life, and I really want tooo! Jealous! (: haha xxx


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