Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Outfit O'Clock #91 - Backlog

Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Knitted dress - Zara
Belt - Karen Millen
Satchel - Primark
Ring - Primark


This post is going to be about yesterday seen as I didn't actually update you on what I was doing with my life yesterday. Though you were provided with two blog posts so can't complain there! Tuesday was a VERY good day. I went to Uni, handed in my foul dissertation and can now breathe a sigh of relief (well sort of, I still have one project left to hand in)! HOORAH. It's taken so much faffing about to get it how I wanted it to be but I'm now as happy with it as I think I'll ever be. The deadline isn't until Friday but I just wanted to get it handed in and out of the way. Plus, I had a tutorial for our other project at Uni so didn't see the point in travelling to Uni twice in one week if I could get everything achieved in one trip #brainy. It feels weird now I've handed the dissy in, I feel a bit empty and like I have nothing to talk about haha. Now I've got to spend the next week doing a massive write up for our final project... ya know, the one that got hacked by terrorists. UGH terrorists.

The outfit is also what I wore yesterday, for the really observant amongst you you will have noticed what I was wearing in my beauty post yesterday is exactly the same. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUURN!
I don't think I've ever worn this knitted dress before as it's a bit 'mumsy' but I was bloody cold and thought the colour of the dress went well with the grey detail on the shirt. So there we are, outfit choice justified!

In other news I'm going out tonight for my Grandparent's anniversary n'awwww cuties. We're celebrating in style at their favourite place to eat, the Blue Ginger Indian restaurant in Bridgnorth. They love it there bless them. So yes, we'll be celebrating this evening! Then tomorrow it's back to Uni work... BOOOO (N) <-- Old MSN emoticon for thumbs down lolz. Oh yes, I'm cool!

How have you all been?
I'm still no closer to choosing which SLR to get for my birthday. I'm rubbish.. I know :P 
Thanks to those of you who commented with your suggestions though, I checked them all out and have various ones bookmarked on the computer for future reference :D


  1. I love this outfit, I don't think the dress is mumsy at all :) Congrats on handing in your dissertation! :) xx

  2. oh em gee you look amaze. just catching up on all your blog posts i missed!
    LOVING the short shorts missy! what a fitty mcvitty!
    tweet ya soon Yoda loving buddy xxx

  3. I adore your shirt, it's so gorgeous, such a pretty print! Congratulations on completing your dissertations! What a relief that must be for you. And congratulations to your grandparents! Mine celebrated their 50th anniversary a few years ago, it's so lovely to see a couple still in love after all that time :)

    Lucy xxx

  4. Yay for giving your dissertation in. Also gave mine in Tuesday even though it's due Friday, feels so good to have it out of my life :)
    This outfit is lovely and really like your new header for the blog

  5. I want this outfit!! You look lovely in it!!


  6. Lovely outfit! Congrats on handing in your dissertation, it's such a good feeling to finally see the back of it, although I must admit I felt a bit "what to do now..." when I'd handed mine in, until I realised I needed to get started on the next assignment.. Swear it's never ending! xx

  7. You look lovely, this is a gorgeous outfit!
    JS xx


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