Saturday, 5 May 2012

Outfit O'Clock #94 - Everything's just peachy

Dress - New Look Kids £6
Belt - Karen Millen (vintage)
Necklace - Gift
Satchel - Cow Vintage
Bow ring and stone ring - Forever 21


This dress cost me £6, YES SIX WHOLE POUNDS, in the New Look kids sale. Can't get over it. It's made out of such a thick material and it was £6. Mental! I love the colours and the fact that a black stripe runs along the hem means I can get away with wearing black tights with it. It all balances out nicely. I also got some other stuff in the kids sale so I'll be drip feeding outfit posts over the next few days to show you guys :) I've been looking at the New Look kids sale online actually and I'm liking these jersey fabric dresses for £6 ... They go up to 14-15 years which is great!

In other make-up related news I was a bit naughty on Thursday as after I went to the hairdressers I had a consultation at the Clinique counter in Debenhams. She tried some green and beige eyeshadow on me as well as a peachy coloured blusher. And from the pictures above I guess you can guess which one I ended up purchasing. I'm actually wearing this particular blusher in the outfit posts, to compliment my peach dress nicely :) 

*LOL just noticed the blusher is called 102 Innocent Peach blushing blush powder blush.. OK WE GET THE PICTURE it's a blusher!*

Today I'm off to see my Dad and second mom, Gina (I have two moms haha greedy right?) we're going to have a cuppa and a big catch up. Then tonight I'm off for a chinese with the buddies. Can't wait :) today is going to be a good day!

Hope you all have a swell weekend :)


  1. Gorgeous peach dress. Love checking out the kids section sometimes, they have a few gems. Ooh, the blushing blush blusher (!) sounds lovely. Would like to see it on. xx

  2. That dress is simply stunning!


  3. What a pretty dress! After you saying about the kids section in new look i actually went on there and ended up ordering about 3 peices! They look exactly the same as some of the other items in the women's range, but for half the price! Such a bargin:D xx

  4. £6! What a bargain! I always forget to look in the kids sections, need to make the most of being a midget! Love the blusher on you, it looks gorgeous xxx

  5. Love the dress. I forget to look in the kids section, I'll try to remember in future! x

  6. You look adorable! That dress is just too cute! I love it!

    xoxo, Laura

  7. gorgeous dress! Can't believe it was £6! lucky girl!


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